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About us

About Chartanalysis

Umesh Sharma Sir has 12 years of working experience with broking & advisory firms and 8 years of teaching experience. His areas of specialization are pattern recognition, indicators, cyclical analysis and trading psychology. Mr.Sharma started his career as dealer when he was in his first-year college, his purpose was to make some side earning. After finishing college, he made a goal to become a legendary trader like George Soros but sooner he made few losses in his own account and of his clients. This experience made him realised that he will learn the concepts of trading and also help others to avoid them. Then he started his journey of learning technical analysis and started implementing it in complex trading scenario and made huge success. He also started giving classes to students who want to improve their trades or wanted to just understand concepts of technical analysis. He also started his own YouTube channel to spread his knowledge. He is the most charismatic speakers you will ever see; he teaches his student from his heart and firmly believes that having friendly nature with students brings the best in them. He is fitness enthusiast love to do weight training, movie lover and enjoys seasonal travelling.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

Benjamin Franklin

I started my course with a sole purpose to share my vast experience of practical knowledge of technical analysis to those who have passion for stock markets, gets the pump by the change of ticker price and aspire to be the next wolf of wall street. I truly believe every student has the competency to learn the patterns, indicators and psychology used by professional trader and expert technical analyst and make good in this booming financial industry. The most important aspect of my course is that I love to teach my students with practical examples of real market scenario and so that they can understand age old technical analysis principle more vividly. I want that after completing my course a student develops her own analytical skills or a trading discipline to time the market for the best entry and exit in any form trading asset.

Who can take these courses? In my opinion these participants can take courses:

  1. Newbies, who want to understand how capital market of India works and learn the fundamental concepts of technical analysis.
  2. Pros of the market, who want to enhance their skills and refine their strategies to improve their trade ideas.
  3. Traders, who want to develop their personal trading discipline for maximizing their profits.

What are advantages to an individual? In my opinion there are many but I will boil down to few:

  1. A newbie can increase her employment opportunities with big broking firms.
  2. An analyst can improve her trading calls which she advises to her clients.
  3. A trader can increase her profits for her own business with least risk taken.

And the last why should take course from me when there is plethora of training institutes in Delhi.

  • I have 12 years of working experience in few of India's top broking industry, which allows me to share my on-ground experiences to my students. I also have 8 years of teaching experience which gives me the advantage of having awareness were my students need more insights and how they can they understand better.
  • I firmly believe that book theories not always work in our current trading scenarios, I will show my students back-tested examples of those bookish theories and will also teach them how avoid those false traps.
  • I love to go out-of-the-way to help my students which means I will try my best to help my student queries through Whatsapp or email. They will also have the liberty to call me within the specified time period for doubts clearing.

Our Vision

Build a cohesive ecosystem for market-savvy investors and professional investment decision.

Our Mission

Promote financial literacy across diverse individuals through robust sessions on capital markets.